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Any well-traveled person with sophisticated taste and a flair for the unusual will find places which fulfill their desires.

Sophistication assures that they share the awareness that high style, gorgeous textural artwork, original, one-of-a-kind objects d’art and globally inspired accessories raise the quality of life from the mundane to the extraordinary.  Society, adrift in a sea of mediocrity, keeps secret its sources that provide the things which make an approach totally original.  The secret is no more: Desert Wolff’s Art Gallery and showroom is the source for an eclectic mix of stylish and exceptional art from around the world, complimenting the well-honed tastes of those who desire the unique.


Owner and Director of Desert Wolff, Lucien Wolff shares a passion for the extraordinary and has made acquiring the unique not only easier for professionals, but also for anyone who walks into his gallery on El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert.


Upon entering the showroom, prospective clients are immediately surrounded by a magical collection of superb original artwork, eclectic items, Asian and African fetishes, glass in various forms and original furnishings from around the world.


“I like to specialize in very large canvases”, says Lucien Wolff.  Many of the walls here in the contemporary homes in the desert require these oversize canvases. “I am keen on texture as can be seen on many of the art pieces which display a mixture of medium to give a very interesting 3 dimensional and textural effect”.  “All of the artwork displayed is exclusive to Desert Wolff, so when you are buying an original art piece, you are not going to see it in another gallery or at an art fair”.  I am a stickler for artwork to have a focal point, to have layering of colors, a vanishing point, and a general sense of balance”.  As a viewing audience we need to feel good about what we are looking at and it should provoke some sort of positive response.”


Still looking? Desert Wolff carried the artist, Ben Michal, exclusively whose paintings are on some serious art collectors’ walls. Ben Michal, whose heavily textured work is his best selling artist, however, there are other outstanding paintings by Cohen Gray, Sandhouse, Stockstill, Douglas and many others. Recently he has added some very sophisticated nudes by Sandi Clark into the mix of mainly contemporary art.


Wolff explains that serious collecting of ethnic and abstract currency has become very much in vogue with intellectuals from around the world. African currency consists mainly of implements, ornaments and objects that were originally used as barter.  Mounted on stands, these items are every bit as interesting as contemporary sculptures.  There are several Museum quality African items. The latest acquisition are two very rare tall drums, which belonged to Kings or the Tribal Chief, and come from the Ivory Coast and carved by the Baule Tribe.  I tend to take the items such as these which I have acquired home with me, however, there has to be a limit of what I can fit in at home without it becoming a museum in of itself.  These two remarkable drums really belong in a museum. The carving as well as the condition is simply outstanding. These are the best examples of these items coming from this region.


For the discriminating person looking to create a one-of-a-kind and exciting home with tons of personality, Desert Wolf also offers Interior Design Services.

“I feel as if I can spread magic dust over a home and create something extraordinary from the mundane and boring. Nothing gives me more joy than to create a whole new look and put a wow into a home that really needs it.  It really is all about the WOW factor”. 

Wolff explains how he tackles a job.  “It starts from the front door, mainly the entry, then opening the door and for the onlooker to go WOW”.  How does he do it? Well, he finds the focal points and that is where he begins.  “The eye is never static and moves from one side to the next, so that is how to compose and construct what needs to be done to make the space interesting”.


Owner and Director of Desert Wolff, Lucien Wolff shares a passion for the extraordinary and has made acquiring the unique not only easier for professionals, but also for anyone who walks into his gallery.


It is well worth a welcoming visit.

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